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Sunbury Pipeline

The Sunbury Pipeline, originated in 2017, is a federally-regulated 35-mile, 20-inch pipeline with related facilities in Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour and Lycoming Counties, Pennsylvania. It is owned and operated by a subsidiary of UGI Energy Services, a premier midstream provider in Northeast PA. Sunbury Pipeline interconnects to other pipelines including Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company (“Transco”), Marc I Pipeline (“Marc I”), Hummel Station, and local natural gas distribution facilities of UGI Utilities. Sunbury Pipeline delivers low-cost Marcellus natural gas to growing markets in Central PA.

Sunbury Pipeline interconnects with UGI Utilities, providing its Central Pennsylvania distribution operations with access to diverse supply sources. Another entity that Sunbury Pipeline serves is a natural gas-fueled power plant called Hummel Station. This station located in Snyder County, was one of the largest coal-to-natural gas repowering projects in the US. Hummel Station uses as much as 180,000 Dth of natural gas to produce enough electricity to power one million homes, while low fewer NOx emissions, and virtually no sulfur dioxide, mercury or particulate pollution.